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Name: VMware Fusion for Mac
Version: 8.5.0-4352717
Release Date: 14 Sep 2016
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:OS X 10.9 or later (OS X 10.11 recommended) RAM: 2 GB (4 GB or more recommended)
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit

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Web Site: http://www.vmware.com/products/fusion-pro

Create Powerful Virtual Machines
With the ability to allocate multiple processor cores, gigabytes of main memory or graphics memory to each virtual machine, Fusion Pro maximizes your Mac's resources to run the most demanding applications in a virtual environment. Whether developing software, testing new operating systems or running powerful 3D applications like AutoCad® or SolidWorks®, Fusion Pro can do it all.

There's a reason it's called Fusion “Pro”
Fusion Pro takes virtualization on the Mac to the next level with professional features designed to help users save precious time and effort for a variety of tasks. With the ability to create linked clones to save disk space, set up custom networking configurations with the network editor or connect to vSphere to run, upload or download a virtual machine, Fusion Pro is the ultimate tool for technical professionals.

From your Mac to the Cloud
Run a full web or cloud environment on your Mac with Fusion Pro. Leverage the cloud to share virtual machines with anyone in your organization for tests, analysis or demonstrations. Fusion Pro can connect to and run virtual machines hosted on VMware vSphere®. Download virtual machines from VMware vSphere and turn them into local Fusion Pro virtual machines or upload local virtual machines to vSphere directly from Fusion Pro.

Take Control of Your Virtual Machines
Fusion Pro gives technical professionals powerful control over how to set up and interact with virtual machines. Choose from a wide variety of options when installing, protecting, connecting, sharing and viewing virtual machines to save valuable time. You can even create virtual machines that are encrypted, require a change of password or expire at a predefined date and time. Leverage the Snapshot feature to preserve the state of a virtual machine so you can return to it at any time.

VMware Fusion Pro is Designed For: Hide

Advanced Users
With the ability to assign 64GB of memory, 16 virtual processors and 2GB of graphics memory per virtual machine, Fusion Pro delivers leading edge features for running Windows on a Mac. And, with innovative tools such as linked clones, virtual network editor and connectivity to vSphere, Fusion Pro is the perfect tool for advanced users on the Mac.

Software Developers
Software developers rely on Fusion Pro to streamline the development and debugging of Windows or Linux applications in multiple environments on their Mac. Developers can replicate a production web or hybrid cloud environment right on their Mac.

Quality Assurance
Quality assurance teams use Fusion Pro to efficiently and economically test applications on a complex matrix of operating systems, application platforms and browsers—all while doing away with repetitive configuration tasks.

Macs in Business
Open the door to Macs in business with Fusion Pro. With unmatched operating system support, performance and reliability, Fusion Pro is the ideal solution for businesses that want to run Windows on Macs. With Fusion Pro, you can deploy standardized desktops to your employees, run business critical applications that are only available in Windows, or continue to run Windows XP applications in a virtual environment on modern hardware.

What's New in Version 8.5.0:
What's New 
・This release of VMware Fusion is a free upgrade for all VMware Fusion 8 users, it adds support for the following operating systems: 
・macOS 10.12 Sierra 
・Windows 10 Anniversary Update 
・Windows Server 2016 

Resolved Issues 
・The Office applications in Windows virtual machine sometimes could not open the attachment in the mail application on Mac - Though the ‘Open your Mac files and web links using Windows applications’ option on the virtual machine’s Default Applications pane is checked, the Office applications inside Windows virtual machine sometimes could not open attachments in the mail application on Mac and returns "Access Denied" error message 
・When you start an imported Parallels 11 virtual machine in VMware Fusion, the virtual machine crashes 
・After you import a Parallels 11 virtual machine into VMware Fusion, attempting to power on the virtual machine fails with the error "Inaccessible Boot Device." 
・When the Full Screen Minibar is hidden at the edge of the screen, hovering the cursor over it does not make it appear - This issue occurs in Full Screen mode when the Full Screen Minibar is hidden at the edge of the screen. After you select View > Full Screen Minibar > Automatically Hide And Show, hovering the cursor over the Minibar does not make it appear. 
・Fusion crashes when you attempt to create a remote virtual machine on vCenter Server 5.5 
・While connected to vCenter Server 5.5, if you attempt to create a remote virtual machine and save it to an ESXi 5.5 host that is managed by the vCenter Server instance, VMware Fusion crashes. 
・On the Ubuntu 15.10 and later versions guest operating system, replacing open-vm-tools with the bundled VMware Tools version, might cause VMware Tools to work improperly 
・On the Ubuntu 15.10 and later versions guest OS, when you replace open-vm-tools with the VMware Tools version bundled with VMware Fusion, VMware Tools does not work as expected. After you reboot the system, an Ubuntu crash report might appear and one of the services in VMware Tools might stop working. 
・The drag-and-drop operations might not work consistently between the host and Mac OS virtual machines 
・Attempts to drag-and-drop files between the host and a Mac OS virtual machine occasionally fail.

Known Issues 
・If more than one monitor is used in Full Screen mode on macOS 10.12 host operating system, the virtual displays are merged into one space in different tabs, instead of creating Full Screen space on each monitor - On macOS 10.12 host operating system, if there is external monitor connected to the Mac machine, when you switch a virtual machine to Full Screen with "Use All Displays in Full Screen" option selected, the virtual machine shows in Full Screen only on one monitor and merges all virtual displays to it as tabs, instead of using separated spaces on all monitors. After changing the view mode back to Single Window, a redundant black space remains, and the Fusion menu bar is hidden automatically. 
Workaround:Open the System Preferences on macOS 10.12 operating system, click the Dock icon. Choose "Manually" on the dropdown list of "Prefer tabs when opening documents". 
・On macOS 10.12 host operating system, the tab bar on the virtual machine window becomes blank when grabbing mouse into the virtual machine - On macOS 10.12 host operating system, if you grab the mouse into a running virtual machine when there is no tools service running inside the guest OS, the tab bar shown on the virtual machine window becomes blank, and the Fusion menu Window > Merge All Windows is disabled for the virtual machine. This problem is observed if the virtual machine does not have VMware Tools installed or it has VMware Tools installed but the Tools services are not launched yet. 
Workaround:Wait until VMware Tools services are launched inside the virtual machine before grabbing the mouse into it. When the tab bar becomes blank, closing and re-opening the virtual machine window can make it show up correctly again. 
・VMs on the same NAT network and on the same host cannot communicate through an IPv6 address - When you set up a customized NAT network with IPv6 enabled and connect two VMs to that NAT network, the VMs cannot communicate with each other by using the IPv6 address. The VMs reside on the same host. 
・The built-in FaceTime HD camera stops working after Fusion launches on macOS 10.12 running on MacBookPro10.1 - On macOS 10.12, the built-in FaceTime HD camera stops working after Fusion launches. This issue is specific to Mac model MacBookPro10.1 and macOS 10.12 operating system. It does not happen on other Mac models, and OS X 10.11 or prior operating systems. 
Workaround:Use external camera or restart the Mac operating system to make the built-in FaceTime HD camera work again. 
・VMs running on macOS 10.12 sometimes crash - A VM running on macOS 10.12 might crash when it tries to grab keyboard or mouse input from the host. 

Full Release Notes: http://pubs.vmware.com/Release_Notes/en/fusion/8/fusion-850-release-notes.html#new



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