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Turbo Boost Switcher Pro 2.9.1

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Turbo Boost Switcher Pro

Install it and your Mac battery will last up to a 25% more* and lower down your CPU temp up to 25ºC depending on use, including lower fan speeds due to heat reduction.

This PRO version includes a bunch of extra features like:

  • New fan auto mode.
  • Free updates.., forever.
  • macOS Catalina ready, including new Big Sur Beta!
  • Dark mode fully supported.
  • Enter the root password only once.
  • Status bar fully customisable (temp, cpu, fans…)
  • Disable Turbo Boost when charger is disconnected.
  • Disable Turbo Boost when battery level goes below a configurable setting and/or depending on remaining time estimation.
  • Enable / Disable turbo boost when the selected app is running.
  • Choose Turbo Boost enabled default mode (On or Off).
  • OSX Notifications integration.
  • ºC and ºF display.
  • Working on Macbooks, iMacs.. etc and in general, all Macs equipped with Intel Turbo Boost technology.
  • Translated to English & Spanish. Other languages in beta (Russian, Chinese, German, French, Polish, Czech, Italian).

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later
Homepage https://gumroad.com/

Size:4 MB
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