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NameTrashMe 2 1 21 MAS TNT.zip
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Created on2019-01-31 20:13:06
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TrashMe 2.1.21

TrashMe is a powerful uninstaller with other great useful tools to clean your Mac.

You’ve probably ever thought that an application only needs to be moved to your Trash to get uninstalled? This is not completely true, as many files would be left behind, those files created by the application (temporary files, caches, settings…). With TrashMe, you’ll never let those files tidying up your Mac!

*** Main Features ***
  • Trash any application, widget, plugin and preference pane easily
  • Find all related files that need to be deleted too
  • Protect application from being uninstalled
  • Automatically detect an application moved to the Trash and delete its related files
*** Tools ***
  • Manage a list of favorite applications and store registration info securely
  • Clean macOS caches to solve some issues and free up hard disk space
  • Force empty your Trash when some files can’t be deleted with Finder
  • Choose to delete only particular files in your Trash instead of whole Trash
  • Delete junk files (files such as Desktop.ini, incomplete downloads, orphans…)
  • Get a warning when your Trash is full

**IMPORTANT** Before posting review saying TrashMe can’t uninstall main app bundle, please read the FAQ on our website, thanks. **

Standard/admin account may be necessary to delete some files (check the Support / FAQ section on our website to get more information and find a solution).

OS Version: OS X 10.7 or later

Web Site: https://www.jibapps.com
Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/trashme/id443126292?mt=12

What’s New in TrashMe 2.1.21

Fixed a crash when calculating file size



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