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NameTextSoap 8.0.9
Size10.18 MB
Created on2016-06-10 23:15:27
FilesTextSoap 8.0.9/TextSoap 8 KG.zip (462.4 kB)
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  Name: TextSoap for Mac  Version: 8.0.9  Release Date: 09 Jun 2016  Mac Platform: Intel  OS version:OS X 10.10 or later Compatible with OS X 10.11 El Capitan   Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit    Includes: KG  Courtesy of C.O.R.E.    Web Site: https://www.unmarked.com/textsoap/        Overview:  TextSoap can automatically remove unwanted characters, fix up messed up carriage returns, and do pretty much anything else that we can think of to text. Save time and effort. Be more productive.    Stop manually fixing text documents and emails. Let TextSoap help you automate away all that tediousness. And do it all from within your favorite app using TextSoap Menu. Enable it in preferences and access TextSoap in most apps that support standard copy and paste.    Easy to learn for casual users, TextSoap offers the flexibility that expert users need.        What's New in Version 8.0.9:  Additions   ・Interactive Find - text is now grayed out and matched text is highlighted in blue. Also added a "Done" button to remove any match highlights from the text when user is finished searching.   ・Added Clean with TextSoap 8 MyScrub Service menu item. This will apply the "MyScrub" cleaner, which is specified in Preferences > General.   ・Support for opening text files with unknown extensions.   ・Scripting commands for the main application. When using textsoap8Agent, it acts a go-between with the main TextSoap app, running the main in "agent mode" (which allows it to run w/o a user interface). These three new scripting commands allow AppleScripts to directly connect to the main app and enable "agent mode". These commands will allow an AppleScript to test and control the agent mode state of an app:      ・enableAgentMode -- transform app to use agent mode. Command is ignored if app is already in agent mode.   ・disableAgentMode -- turn off agent mode. Returns app to standard app mode if needed   ・isAgentMode -- indicates whether app is currently in agent mode  ・Helper app to inspect OS X Service definitions. Available via OS X Services preference. Click "Launch Inspector".   ・Under Preferences > Advanced, there are now two buttons that allow you to launch and quit both textsoap8Agent and TextSoap Menu. For the latter, it is recommended that you use the checkbox in Preferences > TextSoap Menu to install and launch the app.    Fixes   ・Calling AppleScript pickCleaner command on textsoap8Agent could cause a crash.   ・TextSoap Menu Palette did not remember its position and size between launches of TextSoap Menu.    Changes   ・OS X Service standard menu item renamed to "Clean with TextSoap 8".   ・TextSoap's launch behavior has changed. Earlier versions of TextSoap launched as an accessory and transformed itself into a standard app. This created some subtle, but noticeable inconsistencies between a normal app launch and TextSoap. Starting with TextSoap 8.0.9, TextSoap will launch as a standard app and transform itself into an accessory when asked to launch in agent mode (by TextSoap Menu, textsoap8Agent, etc). This provides a more standard user experience launching the app when opening files, clicking on the icon, etc. When TextSoap is launched in agent mode (to support TextSoap Menu, textsoap8Agent, etc), it may briefly show up in the dock and then disappear. This is expected. To minimize this display, when TextSoap is launched in agent mode, it will stick around in the background for a while, to avoid a re-launch. If TextSoap is already running as a standard app, TextSoap Menu and textsoap8Agent will leave it alone.    Known Issues   ・Using TextSoap's OS X Service actions within TextSoap app can cause OS X Services action to time out and not work. In general, I recommend using TextSoap Menu over OS X Services. TextSoap Menu provides more customization options, is richer and more dynamic (allowing access to all cleaners, allows changing groups, etc.) and avoids many of the issues with OS X Services.   



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