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NameSmithmicro StuffIt Deluxe 16.0.5 [kg core].zip
Size44.10 MB
Created on2017-12-03 11:38:51
FilesSmithmicro StuffIt Deluxe 16.0.5 [kg core].zip (44.10 MB)


  Name: Stuffit Deluxe  Version: 16.0.5  Includes: Keygen    Mac Platform: Intel  OS Version: OS X 10.6.8 or later  Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor    More information: http://my.smithmicro.com/stuffit-deluxe-mac.html        What's New in Version 16.0:  Users can create ZIP files, encrypt them  add files to ZIP archives or browse archive contents  File support has now been extended to include JPEG, MP3, PDF, TIFF, PNG and BMP files  Ability to back up only recently changed files and schedule automatic backups  Support for Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive has been added        DESCRIPTION:  StuffIt Deluxe packages your files and sends them where you want them as easily as drag-and-drop. Need security? Destinations uses strong AES 256-bit encryption. Destinations combines DropStuff and StuffIt Expander into one powerful tool. It's an expansion tool that supports nearly any file type you download from the Internet or receive as an attachment. Destinations can create Apple Disk Images (.dmg), Zip (.zip), StuffIt X (.sitx), compressed Tar archives (.tbz2) and can upload and share files through our SendStuffNow file hosting service, your MobileMe iDisk, or FTP server. Compress files to CD/DVD or send compressed attachments. Tailor your Destination's tiles: Choose a destination, a compression format with or without encryption, and notification option. Then drag and drop a file onto a tile and it's off. Just set it once. Destinations is the newest member of the StuffIt Family for Mac, which includes free StuffIt Expander 2011, StuffIt 2011 and StuffIt Deluxe 2011.  StuffIt Deluxe enables you to work with a wide variety of compressed and encoded file formats. StuffIt can expand over 30 formats including RAR, 7zip, split and segmented archives. With StuffIt Deluxe, you can also browse archives, preview images and selectively extract just the files you want. StuffIt can even browse encoded archives and compressed tar files. You can extract individual files from tarballs in one step, no need to decompress it first.    Are you getting "Operation Not Permitted" errors when you try to open a Zip archive? Use StuffIt instead. StuffIt can open those password protected Zip archives. Need to send files securely? StuffIt can create encrypted Zip archives, too.    Do you want to send a Zip archive to a Windows user? Use StuffIt to Zip archives that don't include extraneous Mac data.    With the StuffIt Quick Look plugin, you can preview the contents of an archive right in the Finder. Preview compressed attachments right in Apple Mail without saving and expanding them first. You can even preview archives backed up with TimeMachine. No need to launch anything just to see what's inside.    With the StuffIt plugins for iPhoto and Aperture, you can take advantage of StuffIt's patented JPEG compression: Archive your photos and burn them to CD/DVD or compress and upload them easily right from within iPhoto and Aperture. Compress your JPEGs up to 30% with no loss in image quality.    Upgrade from ANY previous version for $29.99!    Other features:    Create disk images in one step with MagicMenu or the StuffIt Contextual Menu.  Use Destinations to create multiple Preference settings and save them as Tiles to meet your needs: Make encrypted Zip and upload to FTP server. Make StuffIt X archive and burn to DVD. The customization possibilities are nearly endless.  Schedule backups with StuffIt Scheduler. Automatically backup archives to CD/DVD, or upload them to FTP, or your MobileMe iDisk  Automate StuffIt with Automator Actions, AppleScript, and command line tools  With the StuffIt Plugin for Google's MacFUSE, you can mount archives in the Finder and browse the contents as virtual disks.  Create Mini-Installers with SEA Maker. With the Remote Payload feature, you can create small mini-installers that download their parts from an FTP or MobileMe iDisk.  Innovative technologies such as our patented data recompression and duplicate detection.  StuffIt 2011's engine enhancements improve performance and create smaller archives. StuffIt can now recompress WAV files.                  Potente herramienta para comprimir y descomprimir cualquier formato  StuffIt Deluxe es una completa herramienta de compresión compatible con la mayoría de formatos y realmente fácil de usar.  Con ayuda de StuffIt Deluxe podremos realizar copias de seguridad de archivos importantes y ahorrar espacio en disco, pudiendo además enviar los ficheros comprimidos a otras unidades, FTP o CD/DVD sin necesidad de otras aplicaciones.    StuffIt Deluxe también puede proteger los archivos comprimidos con contraseña y se integra a la perfección con Mac OS X.  StuffIt Deluxe soporta los siguientes formatos  ZIP, RAR, 7Z, LZMA, AS, ARC, ARJ, HQX, BTOA, BZ2, TBZ, TBZ2, CAB, CPT, GZ, TGZ, TAR.GZ, LHA, BIN, SIT, SITX, TAR       Nombre: StuffIt Deluxe  Versión: 16.0.5  Idioma: Inglés  Incluye: Keygen    Plataforma: Intel  Versión OS: 10.6.8 o superior  Más info: http://my.smithmicro.com/stuffit-deluxe-mac.html  

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