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NameSteerMouse 5.3.2.zip
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Created on2018-10-22 22:10:53
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SteerMouse 5.3.2 macOS

SteerMouse is an advanced driver for USB and Bluetooth mice. It also supports Apple Mighty Mouse very well. SteerMouse can assign various functions to buttons that Apple’s software does not allow, including double-clicks, modifier clicks, application switching, assignment of shortcut keys, “snap to” cursor movement, which moves the cursor to target (such as an OK button), and more. SteerMouse lets you control the cursor’s Sensitivity on top of the Tracking Speed.

(Apple’s software only allows adjustment for the Tracking Speed.) By adjusting both configurations, you can customize the ideal setting for the cursor to fit the movements of your hand.

Customization and different configurations for different applications:

With SteerMouse for Mac, you can configure the different parts of your mouse, including the functions of the buttons, wheel, tilt wheel, and cursor. Even better, you can set the app to work differently depending on the application with which the mouse is used.

Sensitivity adjustment:

You can adjust the sensitivity or the reactivity of the mouse and cursor movements using sliders. The effects are instantaneous, so it’s easy to determine the best setting for you.

Predefined location for the mouse’s pointer or cursor:

This is similar to what can be done with a mouse on a Windows computer, but SteerMouse does more. You can set the cursor or mouse pointer to automatically position itself on one of the following buttons every time you load an application or open a window: Default button, Cancel button, Close button, Minimize button, Zoom button, or size control.

If you need a driver for your mouse you should definitely look at SteerMouse.

Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or later

Web Site: http://plentycom.jp/en/steermouse/

What’s New in SteerMouse 5.3.2

  • Added “Key Repeat” option to Keyboard Shortcut
  • Supports Dark Mode in macOS Mojave
  • Problem solved where some buttons on Logitech MX Master 2S would not work
  • Problem solved where side buttons on Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse would not work



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