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  Name: Spillo  Version: 1.9.9  Release Date: February 14, 2017    Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish    Developer: Snappy Code  MAS Rating: 4+  Mac Platform: Intel  OS Version: OS X 10.9 or later  Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor    Includes: Pre-Activation (install and play) (TNT)      Web Site: https://bananafishsoftware.com/products/spillo/  Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/spillo/id873245660?mt=12        Overview:  Take full control over your bookmarks on Pinboard!    Spillo is a powerful, magnificent and amazingly fast Pinboard client for OS X. Spillo lets you browse and organize your bookmarks in a stunning modern interface. Spillo also makes creating a bookmark from anywhere on your Mac as convenient as possible.    • A beautiful interface  Spillo has a beautiful modern interface that feels just right at home on your Mac. Spillo uses all the latest technologies that you would expect from a modern OS X application.    • Browser integration to make bookmarking simpler  Spillo comes with a Yosemite Sharing Extension and browser extensions that make bookmarking from any page trivial. The bookmark creation window will be pre-populated based on the content of the current page. Browser extensions are available for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.    • Easily organize your bookmarks  Spillo allows you to create powerful collections by specifying a number of rules. Don’t limit yourself to Pinboard’s default organization and create collections that just match your needs.    • Quickly create a bookmark from anywhere on your Mac  Spillo’s bookmark creation window can be brought up from anywhere on your Mac. Use the (optional) menu item or global shortcut to bring up. The bookmark fields will also be pre-populated based on the content of the current tab in your browser.    • Automatic broken links detection  Spillo automatically finds broken links among your bookmarks so that you can edit them or clean them up. Don’t let your bookmarks become stale!    • Readability view for a better reading experience  Spillo’s bookmark view has a Readability mode that cleans up cluttered pages and makes reading on the web a stress-free experience.    • Mini mode for focused bookmark browsing and editing  Spillo supports a mini mode that hides the content web page and lets you focus on your bookmarks so that you can quickly edit them without any distraction.    • Share to a multitude of services  Spillo supports sharing your bookmarks to a multitude of services such as Instapaper, Pocket, Twitter and Facebook. Should you be annoyed by some services, you can easily disable them in the Preferences.    • Create powerful global searches  Spillo also allows you to create and save public global searches based on a username and a number of tags. You can keep recurrent searches right in your sidebar.    • Spillo is super fast!  Spillo’s edge is its speed and responsiveness. Don’t wait on a slow network to process your data, Spillo caches it and syncs whenever it’s more convenient.    • All the shortcuts you would expect  Spillo has a multitude of shortcuts that make browsing, organizing and editing your bookmarks so much quicker.    • AppleScript support  Spillo has full AppleScript support for browsing, creating and updating bookmarks so it’s easily extendable. Want to create an Alfred workflow to create a new bookmark in Spillo? You can do it with a couple of lines of AppleScript.    • Create your own Sharing Service plugins  Spillo has an open plugin architecture that lets you extend the built-in sharing capabilities by building your own Sharing Services. Building a plugin is really easy, just download the small SDK and start building!        What's New in Version 1.9.9:  • Enhancements    - Add preference for retrieving (or not) the website description from the browser extension    - When sorting by title, bookmarks are now correctly sorted regardless of their case and your current language  • Fixes    - Fix crash that could occur when clicking on external links in the detail web view    - Fix Private option not working in Safari extension  



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