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Shape Up

Shape Up 1.0.6 After Effects MacOS

Define your Shapes layers before adding them to your comp.

ShapeUp is a tool to define your shapes BEFORE creating the shape layers and adding them to your composition. It creates “clean” shapes, either AE’s native parametric shapes or ones using custom paths (without utilising merge paths). Rounding and zigzag vector filters may get added for corresponding shapes. Neither expressions nor animations will be applied. As said – clean – to get you started. Just try the demo version and have a look at the user guide linked below.

Preview your shape & composition
Five shape families to choose from: ellipse, rectangle, horizontal lines, vertical lines, polygons + stars
5-6 sub shapes each
Quickly set the anchor position and alignment to your comp within the preview
Create shapes at the top / bottom of your layer stack or above / below a selected layer
Set size, position, stroke width, rounding, amount of copies and points, inner width, inner rounding for polygons/stars
Input fields: Use tokens to utilise the comp size, alignment, position of selected layers, grid spacing
Toggle stroke & fill on/off
Set colors

Homepage https://aescripts.com/shape-up/


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