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AppleScript authoring environment that enables you to review and run the source code in order to test the applications and detect possible errors

Script Debugger provides everything you need to quickly and easily author AppleScripts that work. No other scripting tool can match Script Debugger's capabilities for creating, editing and debugging AppleScripts.

Its sophisticated Dictionary browser provides far more information than any other tool can and eliminates guesswork and needless experimentation. Simply put, Script Debugger makes AppleScript easy.

Script Debugger lets you use its AppleScript debugger in other OSA scripting environments such as Mac OS Folder Actions, Apple Data Detectors and CGI scripting.

Script Debugger builds on our established tradition of offering the most productive environment for building AppleScript solutions of any complexity.

Its AppleScript debugger is groundbreaking in its ability to show you exactly what your script is doing at any given point. Script Debugger adds new debugging facilities to make scripting even more productive.


Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later.

What's New in Script Debugger 7.0.10

  • 1357: Corrected a problem where scripts created under Mojave with a description cannot be saved. See this forum post for more information.
  • 1353: Fixed regression that prevented production of Sparkle updates of Enhanced Applets.
  • 1351: Fixed issue where Script Debugger’s Spotlight import filter was leading to .applescript files not being indexed.
  • 1352: The Clippings menu now reads property-list-format .textClipping files.
  • 1348: Corrected a bug where bulk changes made to handler parameter variables were not displayed correctly in the debugger. NOTE: For this change to take effect, scripts must be recompiled.
  • 1349: Fixed issue where command-. would attempt to call completion rather than stopping a script when a script view had focus.


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