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  Name: RoboFont
Version: 1.8.4 Build 1706131209  Mac Platform: Intel  OS version: 10.9 or Later    Includes: License      Web Site: http://doc.robofont.com/        Overview  RoboFont is a UFO based, mac only, font editor. Written from scratch in Python with scalability in mind. The editor allows full scripting access to objects and interface. The application is a platform for drawing and modifying typefaces and much more...      Workspace  RoboFont contains lots of different windows and views, each one connected to a specific function.    Editor environment  Different application windows can be displayed separately or collected into a single window.    Font collection  Displays all glyphs in the font, allows sorting with groups, filters, smart lists, etc.    Glyph Editor  Displays one single glyph for editing.    Metrics  Both Space Center and Kern Center display a string of glyphs for testing words and working on spacing and kerning.    Scripting Editor  The scripting editor is the place to write and run Python scripts.    Extensions  RoboFont can easily be extended with additional features and add-ons. Developers can use the Extensions Builder to package RoboFont plugins.    Preferences  RoboFont allows users to customize many aspects of its interface and behavior through the Preferences window.    Workflow  RoboFont can read, save and generate lots of different file formats. This section will go through some typical workflow scenes and tries not to generalize any kind of designers workflow.    Creating new fonts  How to create new fonts from scratch in a UFO format.    Opening existing fonts  How to open existing UFO's, otf's, ttf's, ttx's, pfa's    Saving fonts  How to save to UFO, otf, ttf, pfa and potential other formats.    Test install  The power of directly testing fonts.    Exchange with other UFO based apps  RoboFont can interact with other UFO base applications.  



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