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NameRNI All Films 4.0 – Pro.zip
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RNI All Films Pro 4.0 for ACR & Lightroom (Win/macOS)

A great solution to bring the magic touch of film into your digital workflow. This is the most complete pack of RNI film presets for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop ACR, featuring 58 film stocks and more than 300 creative presets. Rediscover film aesthetics. Create an emotional essence in your photography with RNI All Films.

Born from real film

All RNI film presets derive from real film stocks. For present films we shoot the same subjects on both film and digital and then use our proprietary technology to produce a beautiful and accurate match in Lightroom. For the films no longer available we acquire negatives, slides and prints from private collections and use them as references while shooting similar subject on digital to match.

Profiled to your camera

RNI film presets come with customised camera profiles. Those are built to take the most from your RAW files and produce nice and elegant film-like results. Our film presets are designed to work with RAW files but they also perform very well for jpegs. See below for tech requirements and full list of supported cameras.

What’s New in RNI All Films Pro 4.0 for ACR & Lightroom

  • Introducing customised camera profiles for the range of supported cameras (see below).
  • New films and film variations added, including Fuji Natura 1600, Fuji Velvia 2.0, new Fuji Pro 400H and many more.
  • Most of the existing film presets have been either reworked from the ground or finetuned for higher accuracy and better skin tones.
  • Film grain in all the presets have been adjusted for more realistic results. Generally it is more subtle now.
  • Essentials Toolkit has been significantly inproved. Now it’s called just ‘RNI Toolkit’ and contains lots of useful and timesaving tools.
  • Analog Softness feature removed from all the Instant and Vintage presets by default and now available as a part of RNI Toolkit.

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