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Descriptions for Qbserve 1.84

Improve your productivity by observing how much time you spend on particular websites, using certain apps, and so on, with the help of an automatic time tracker

Qbserve offers you the option to analyze the way in which you are spending your time by using automatically generated graphs. You get to use Qbserve to log your activity, and the utility will sort the entries on its own, without requiring too much user interaction.

For more accurate results, the user can manually curate the list of activities and manually assign the category for each entry. You are bound to use the 3 predefined main categories, but you can also add your own divisions in each case.

Time tracking utility that can monitor your overall activity and sort the data by category

Qbserve is able to recognize more that 5500 different applications, games, and websites, and keeps them organized in 3 main categories: productive, neutral, and disruptive. The graphs generated by the gathered information can be previewed in the Overview panel.

On the other hand, Qbserve automatically determines the percent of productive activity compared to the totally logged time, and you get to see the real-time assessment in the companion status bar menu. The menulet also provides quick access to the Qbserve console.

Log all the apps, websites, or games you are playing and handle the sorting process manually

In the Qbserve Details panel, you can see a comprehensive list of activities and the category that has been assigned by default. In each case, you get to see the total spent time, and how much it represents for your overall performance expressed in percents.

To help you get more precise diagrams, Qbserve offers you the possibility to change both the category and the subcategory for each entry manually. Moreover, Qbserve also provides the option to ignore certain activities.

Pause the tracking or define alerts and reminders in order to stay focused on your work

Qbserve offers you the possibility to quickly visualize how you have been spending your time with the help of colorful diagrams that can display your records for the entire year, or for a particular hour in the day.

However, you get to pause the tracking for a particular period if you don’t want certain activities to be included in your statistics.

At the same time, Qbserve integrates with the Notification Center and can help you set alerts and reminders to make sure you are focused on what you are doing.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

Developer Website

What’s New in Qbserve 1.84

  • Added:

    • Distracting time counting options for the menu bar icon
    • Project colors to dropdown menus
    • Search to Timesheet -> Projects
    • Ellipsis for long project names in Timesheet -> Projects
  • Fixed:

    • Private window tracking in Chrome 76
    • PDF and private window tracking in Safari 13
    • Long project names not being resized along with the project list

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