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Provides you with all the necessary tools to better organize your Photos libraries as well as to find and remove duplicated files within them

 is a very useful macOS utility that makes it possible for you to efficiently organize your pictures using the native Photos app introduced by Apple with the launch of OS X 10.10.3.

Effortlessly manage and better organize your Photos libraries

Despite the fact that Photos does a fairly good job of keeping your photos organized, under one roof, and easily accessible, the application is somewhat limited in some respects and doesn’t bundle advanced photo organizing features.

This is the part where PowerPhotos comes into play, with a streamlined and user-friendly interface it makes it possible for you to easily create multiple Photos libraries, thus, it will provide you with more power over your libraries and it will also speed up the Photos app which will load even faster because of this.

What’s more, you can easily use PowerPhotos image browser and search for a particular photo in a single or all your Photos libraries, as well as view detailed metadata summaries for your photos.

Keep your Photos libraries in tip-top shape by removing duplicates with just a few clicks

Not only this, but you will certainly find PowerPhoto’s duplicate removal tool very useful, as it enables you to find dupes in more than one library and compare them side by side, as well as either separate them in different albums or delete them altogether from the libraries.

Additionally, PowerPhotos can also guide you through the somewhat lengthy and annoying process of migrating your iPhoto or Aperture libraries to the Photos app.

Note that, if you have photo libraries created using iPhoto 7 or earlier, you will have to download the iPhoto Library Upgrader, so that the libraries can be upgraded to a newer format that is compatible with more modern versions of iPhoto. This way, you will be able to migrate the upgraded photo libraries within the Photos app.

A must-have application for users who feel that Photos doesn’t offer enough in terms of organizing features

All in all, if you find yourself using Apple’s Photos app on a daily basis and you want to organize your photos using multiple libraries, to remove photo duplicates, or to view detailed metadata information, then there’s really no way around the fact that PowerPhotos will definitely make your user experience better and save you a lot of time simultaneously.


CompatibilitymacOS 10.12 or later 64-bit

What’s New in PowerPhotos 1.7.6

  • Fix using return key to toggle duplicates between keeper/trash
  • If PowerPhotos needs to be granted access to Photos in System Preferences, we now show a message explaining that rather than showing the library as being empty
  • When renaming a library, we no longer display the renaming dialog if you haven’t actually changed the library’s name
  • PowerPhotos no longer excludes photos with a “duplicate” keyword from a duplicate search if you had enabled that option before it was removed a few versions ago
  • Libraries created on macOS 10.14 no longer need to be upgraded by Photos when opened for the first time
  • Reenable a workaround on macOS 10.14 for a Photos issue where it will start refusing to import some photos following a long series of imports
  • Fixed a crash when dragging multiple libraries from the Finder into the Source Libraries section of the merge setup screen
  • The “Combine Album Contents” option now works correctly when merging into an existing library on macOS 10.15


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