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Puts your mac in Do Not Disturb mode when you need it!

Lives in the menubar
NoNotify lives a quiet life in your menubar. Quickly see at a glance if focus mode is active or not by glancing at the menubar icon.

Focus on the apps that matter to you
Select the apps where you want to be undisturbed. Decide if the apps should be frontmost to start focusing or just running to trigger focus mode. Use your apps and enjoy the uninterrupted time to focus.

Disable for 30 mins
Are you awaiting that special call or email, pause NoNotify for 30 mins with a click.

We respect your privacy
NoNotify does not track you in any way. There’s no tracking or analytics in the app. Just a plain old macOS application built to help you.

Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor
Homepage http://www.nonotify.com/index.php

Size:3.6 MB
FilesNoNotify_1.1.1__HCiSO_Mactorrents.io.dmg[3.6 MB]



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