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NameLutify.me – Skin Tone 3D LUTs.dmg
Size2.98 MB
Created on2017-07-01 03:42:37
FilesLutify.me – Skin Tone 3D LUTs.dmg (2.98 MB)


  Name: Skin Tone 3D LUTs    Compatible with:   • Foundry Nuke   • Black Magic Design Fusion    • Davinci Resolve    • Adobe Speedgrade    • Adobe After Effects    • Adobe Premiere Pro   • Adobe Photoshop    • Final Cut Pro X   Any software that accepts 3D LUTs      Web Site: https://lutify.me/products/professional-package/skin-tone-3d-luts/        Overview  Skin tone shaping color grading LUTs     The 3D LUTs in this category have one major purpose. To shape the skin color tones. Some are inspired by specific film emulations while others aren’t. Although these 3D LUTs can be used on a wide range of images and films, they are best used for people shots.  

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