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NameCine Looks Color Grading 3D LUTs.dmg
Size13.00 MB
Created on2017-06-12 23:17:48
FilesCine Looks Color Grading 3D LUTs.dmg (13.00 MB)


  Name: Cine Looks Color Grading 3D LUTs      Compatible with:   • Foundry Nuke   • Black Magic Design Fusion    • Davinci Resolve    • Adobe Speedgrade    • Adobe After Effects    • Adobe Premiere Pro   • Adobe Photoshop    • Final Cut Pro X   Any software that accepts 3D LUTs  High Quality Motion Picture Color Grading LUTs      Web Site: https://lutify.me/products/professional-package/cine-looks-3d-luts        Overview  The 3D LUTs in this category emulate the high quality characteristics of motion picture film color grades. They offer a complete solution for getting cinematic-quality Hollywood-grade color grades from your footage. Color science behind these 3D LUTs has been specifically tuned to deliver the most pleasing roll-off into highlights and shadows while maintaining details in mid-tones. These LUTs will take the most ordinary footage and transform it into a thing of a beauty. Getting the Hollywood look has never been easier.  

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