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Lunar Pro

Intelligent adaptive brightness for your external display.. Lunar controls the same brightness that you can change by using the monitor’s physical buttons.

  • Sensor-based Adaptive Brightness (and contrast) based on an external light sensor
  • Sync-based Adaptive Brightness (and contrast) based on the built-in light sensor of the Macbook or iMac
  • Location-based Adaptive Brightness (and contrast) based on the sunrise/sunset times in your location
  • App Exception list if you need more brightness for specific activities (watching movies, design work)

Individual settings per display

  • Manual controls and hotkeys for setting brightness and contrast that respect the min/max values per monitor
  • It doesn’t interfere at all with the native adaptive brightness that macOS implements for the built-in display
  • It works well along Night Shift and True Tone (and f.lux if Gamma/Software controls are not used)

If the first launch falls – run again

What’s New:

Version 5.3.3


  • Move the Volume keys control all monitors setting to make its effect clearer
  • Move the Auto Blackout setting to the main preferences screen


  • Fix crash caused by reading built-in brightness on a different thread
  • Add 1 second delay between switching input and applying defined brightness on Input Hotkeys
  • Fix crash caused by SimplyCoreAudio deadlock

Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later
Homepage https://lunar.fyi/


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