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Katch 1 to 9.5 LUTs (3dl + cube) for AE, PS, Premiere, Resolve and FCPX [Win/Mac]

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Name: Katch 1 to 9.5 LUTs (Win/Mac)

Requirements :
 - After Effects
 - Photoshop
 - Premiere Pro
 - DaVinci Resolve
 - Final Cut Pro X
 - SpeedGrade
and more...

Web Site: http://katchsilvapresets.com/preset-bundle

Film inspired lightroom presets for digital photography.

This preset works accross many lighting scenarios, with warm shadows and desaturated yellows and greens, it brings out the yummy tones. With some tweaks for each lighting situation, this is my Jack of all Trades. Or at least very close to it!

With slightly blue-green highlights and warm shadows, this preset brings out the cool tones in the bright, and contrasts them well with the dark. It will bring a pop to low-contrast light situations, and also add a nice push to already contrasty scenes. If Katch 1 is the Jack of all trades, this one is my Jill of all trades.

This ones all about the golds, the greens, and the skin tones I love so much. It’s warm overall, with green shadows, so it brings out lovely green tones in woodsy scenes and smooth warm tones in skin. Certain types of greens might need a little HSL tweaking, but once you have it down, it’s golden! If you want to enhance the gold of golden hour, or mellow out the greens in a moody forest, while perfecting skin tones, this is the winner winner chicken dinner.

All about the cool blues! This one will bring out that lovely blue mood in images, especially those taken at twilight or indoors. Greens become bluer, highlights become bluer, and the mood becomes cooler.

BOOM! My go-to black and white for images that need a little POP. It brightens up skin tones while darkening the other tones that are often in the background (greens, blues, etc) so that the subject POPS. Overall a pretty contrasty black and white, if you’re into that.

Cool highlights for the cool kids. This one works best on higher contrast photos that need a touch of cool. It makes the highlights and whites cool and decreases contrast for a more faded look. This is one of my favorites for my personal work, but it’s a much more specific look for more specific taste. The acquired taste of blues.

Cotton candy me please! This preset is faded with low, slightly cool highlights. Best for already warm images, it’ll make skin pink and creamy, and highlights soft and blue, for that perfect soft mellow mood.

Skin tones like sweet, sweet honey. This one has creamy highlights, red shadows and is all about that creamy warm goodness.

KATCH 9 and 9.5:
Perfect for those sunny days, these two low contrast presets bring down the saturation and harshness of direct sunlight. But they're not just for sunny days. These will look great on any high contrast lighting situation!



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