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JRiver Media Center 25.0.123

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JRiver Media Center

JRiver Media Center 25.0.123

JRiver Media Center is one of the most comprehensive and seamless applications available for managing and playing your media. Its scope includes almost all formats of audio, video, and images. Media Center can also record television and manage documents. And if you’re looking for the best audio player or the best video player, you’ve found it. You can configure Media Center to focus solely on your needs.

Media Center plays:

  • Connected media from Last.fm, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. And it sends to Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • From more cell phones, MP3 players, DLNA, and other devices than any other player.
  • And it powers the Home Theater PC that will entertain your family. MC can even play audio and video in different zones.
  • And, MC can record TV in high definition, providing an alternative to cable TV. It has a Theater View interface, controllable by a Media Center Remote, an iPad, iPhone, Android, a Windows netbook or Touchscreen. MC is a DirectShow player, so it can play almost anything.

What’s New:

Version 25.0.123:

  • Fixed: Under heavy use, the tagging window was sticking and required force quitting MC.

Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor
Homepage https://jriver.com/index.html


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