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JetBrains Rider 2018.1 macOS

Name: Rider Mac
Version: 2018.1
Developer: JetBrains
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.10 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: K

Web Site: http://www.jetbrains.com/


.NET integrated development environment that enables you to work on various project types and integrates testing and debugging capabilities

Rider is an integrated development environment that can work with the .NET Framework and .NET Core, or with Mono projects. As a result, you can use it to create classes and libraries, web applications, standalone utilities, and so on.

The development solutions delivered by Rider are built on the ReSharper and IntelliJ platforms, and the application tries to deliver everything as fast as possible, in an intuitive manner, even though the collection of supported functions is quite extensive.

.NET IDE that enables you to work on various types of projects using custom configurations

Right off the bat, Rider prompts you for the type of projects you want to start developing: you can go for an empty one, or take advantage of the predefined types.

You can use Rider to develop .NET or . NET Core projects, and decide if you want to create a class library, a console app, an xUnit or NUnit test, a web app, and so on. The app enables you to set a custom solutions directory and also provides details about the project’s structure.

Edit and analyze code before making use of the built-in debugging capabilities

Within the Rider you get to access the solutions explored, open and edit source code files, and then run debug tasks. The output will also be included in the app’s main window so that you can review everything in real time.

For your convenience, Rider integrates code completion functions and various other tools designed to help you navigate the source code or perform context appropriate actions. The IDE can inspect the source code and help you fix various issues.

Furthermore, Rider integrates refactoring functions, allows you to work with alternative syntax, can split NUnit or xUnit tests into multiple sessions, is able to work with databases, integrates a NuGet browser, and so on.

Comprehensive IDE solution that packs everything you need to develop .NET projects

To sum up, Rider brings to a table a well-organized workspace where you can quickly start working on various types of .NET projects, review and fix code errors, and then run and debug the project.

Rider is based on two powerful platforms, IntelliJ and ReSharper, and helps you perform more than 2000 code inspections, helps you perform various actions depending on the current context, and so on.

What’s new in Rider 2018.1 Build 181.4379.1191

April 19th, 2018

  • Roslyn analyzers: in addition to Rider’s own 2400 code inspections to help you detect errors and code smells in all supported languages, Rider now detects Roslyn analyzers and highlights them in the code editor.
  • Entity Framework support: enable, add and get migrations, and update database with UI-based Entity Framework 6.x support in .NET Framework projects.
  • Deeper integration with Unity: this update takes Unity integration to a whole new level. Now you don’t even have to leave Rider to control Play mode, explore Unity logs, or run Unity-specific tests.
  • XAML preview: WPF application developers can now preview UI as they make changes to XAML code.
  • Memory view in debugger: Rider allows you to look under the hood of any application and explore the managed heap while debugging.
  • Exception pop-up, which shows summary of exceptions that occur while debugging and allows you to quickly navigate through the highlighted stack traces.
  • Even more debugger improvements including Smart Step combined with Jump to Statement, symbol server support, Attach UI that contains process info and suggests elevating permissions if necessary, faster attaching to local processes, and more.
  • NuGet updates: improved support for authenticating against private NuGet feeds in several ways, and initial support for bulk operations.
  • JetBrains redistributable of MSBuild to develop and build full .NET Framework applications without a Visual Studio or Visual Studio Build Tools installation on Windows.
  • Better understanding of projects and solutions: full support for Web References and Web Site projects, and more.
  • F# support brings file ordering and improves F# scripting in many ways, including code completion, highlighting and navigation.
  • Changes from ReSharper 2018.1: full understanding of C# 7.2 and improved support for previous C# versions, inspections and quick-fixes for formatting problems.
  • More frontend features: support for the latest TypeScript 2.7 features, handy updates for configuring package managers, improved Rename refactoring, better navigation in HTML files, and refined code completion.
  • Changes from IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1: support for multiple Docker Compose files, regex replacement preview in the Replace in Path dialog, a new lightweight documentation popup, and more.
  • VCS improvements: partial Git commits, new Group by icon to group local changes, and more.
  • More changes: a new MSTest setting dialog and customization settings for C# Interactive, Ideolog plugin available for download from the IDE, and more.

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