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Eventide H3000 Factory for macOS 10.15 Catalina

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The H3000 Factory is a re-creation of several key algorithms from the H3000 Harmonizer® effects processor. The plug-in provides a convenient modular interface to combine up to 18 effects blocks together in a practically limitless number of configurations. It offers pairs of sweepable delays, pitch shifters, filters, mixers, amplitude modulators (or VCAs), and an assortment of modulation sources including two low frequency oscillators, envelope generators and more. Each of your custom effects can be easily manipulated in real time or synchronized to a session. All of this flexibility, with the sought-after sound of the H3000, brings you a great-sounding plug-in that’s as versatile as the original that inspired it.


  • Over 450 presets including over 100 new artist presets and over 100 original presets from the H3000.
  • Available effects blocks include delays, amplitude modulators, envelope followers, pitch shifters, filters and low frequency oscillators.
  • The Function Generator features nineteen waveshapes, a white noise generator, MIDI control and a sidechain input.
  • All delays and LFOs can be locked to system tempo. Each delay can be looped and offers a low pass filter.
  • The filters are selectable band pass, high pass, and low pass with variable Q, and can be swept and modulated without audible artifacts.

Been creating an installer for MacOS Catalina 10.15
Hope you like it!

You might say “Why?”
MacOS Catalina has new REQ with permission


CompatibilitymacOS 10.15 Catalina or later

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