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E-on Vue Pro v1.00.59.51 macOS

E-on software rejuvenates its entire business and product portfolio through major new releases of its flagship products VUE and PlantFactory.

A New Beginning – New Business Model and Product Portfolio.

Together with its recently unveiled corporate re-branding, e-on software has undertaken a radical twist in the way it operates its business. Based on feedback and requests from its community, e-on has revised its entire pricing structure and replaced its former dated upgrade and support programs in favor of a more coherent, modern, understandable and – more importantly – budget friendly price grid.

The company is now offering its applications through three “solutions”, each dedicated to a specific artist profile. All three solutions bundle a version of VUE and PlantFactory, together with additional benefits depending on the chosen solution:


VUE and PlantFactory are now fully compliant with the PBR metal/roughness workflow and includes a Specular to metal/roughness converter. Together with this new material type, both products natively support Allegorithmic’s Substance material format. The solutions ship with a set of ready-made Substance materials as well – compliments of Allegorithmic. Artists will benefit from a redesigned UV mapping algorithm for vegetation models, including the ability to export baked procedural materials to UV maps and UDIMs.

Atmosphere and Clouds:

Praised as “one of the most creative features e-on has released in a long time” during the beta phases, the new convert to cloud technology enables Artists to convert any kind of 3D mesh to a standalone cloud – fully volumetrically textured. Users will finally be able to export 3D standalone clouds and volumetric cloud layers to other applications as industry standard OpenVDB volumes. UX/UI: one of the most noticeable change is the totally redesigned interface. All of the software icons were reworked and homogenized, in the principle that the software interface should never get in the way of the artist’s creative freedom. Many dialogs were reworked – including a major makeover for the material editor – to improve user experience. Gamma handling is vastly improved to ensure compliance with linear workflows. Finally, software licensing is now based on the industry standard RLM library.

Plant Catalog:

Enterprise Solution includes a new procedural vegetation library that e-on will update regularly. These plants were designed by the company’s internal botanist – to make sure they are as physically and botanically correct. The initial collection comprises 20 totally new vegetation species that ship both in HD (high poly-count) and LD (smaller poly-count footprint) – fully textured. These are not just mere static vegetation models. Each procedural species is a plant engine that can serve to generate anything from game-ready vegetation to blockbusters Hero trees – of course each created instance will be unique. Each species come with an abundance of presets, and each preset comes with its age variations. Best of all, since all of this is procedural – artists get access to all parameters and can customize everything.

Web Site: https://info.e-onsoftware.com/blog/e-on-software-takes-users-to-cloud-nine-with-new-releases

What’s New in E-on Vue Pro v1.00.59.51

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