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DriveDx 1.8.2

DriveDx is advanced drive-health diagnostic and monitoring utility. Save yourself from data loss and downtime that is associated with unexpected drive failures. Don’t worry about losing your important data, music, and photographs.

  • Support of modern SSDs and HDDs
  • SSD lifetime left indicator
  • Different routines for SSD and HDD health evaluation
  • Realtime SSD & HDD health status monitoring
  • User friendly and intuitive UI
  • Prefailure state early detection DriveDx supports 4 drive health statuses: Ok, Warning, Failing (prefailure) and Failed. (Most of drive utilities support only 2: “Ok” and “Failed”)
  • Drive failure prediction based on health indicators that are closely related to SSD or HDD failures
  • Interactive hints and descriptions for all health indicators (SMART attributes)
  • Multitier warning system that will inform the user about deviations from the normal state of drive attributes
  • Diagnostic Knowledge Base online autoupdating
  • Drive overall health rating
  • Drive overall performance rating (if drive supports this subset of indicators)
  • I/O errors monitoring
  • Drive free space monitoring
  • Support of drive short and full (extended) selftests
  • Save drive(s) health report to file
  • Automatic drive health reports by email (automatic email reports)
  • Humanreadable drive health indicators (attributes) representation
  • Drive temperature monitoring
  • Historybased drive health evaluation
  • S.M.A.R.T. error log
  • Growl notifications
  • Retina displays support

Compatibility: OS X 10.6.8 or later

Web Site: http://binaryfruit.com

What’s New in DriveDx 1.8.2

  • Disk Free Space Monitoring on Bootcamp volumes
  • Disk Free Space Monitoring email reports
  • Temperature monitoring for SSDs
  • Detection of drives behind some RAIDs
  • Diagnostic algorithms and heuristics

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