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Markly app specs plugin for photoshop icon
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Created on2016-01-13 23:50:04
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  Name : Markly - Photoshop Specs Plugin  Files : JS, HTML  File Size : 3.78 MB    Check out our bestseller RightFont - New generation font manager for Mac! 15% limited offer  http://rightfontapp.com  15% discount limited offer only from our website: http://marklyapp.com  Now Markly is Photoshop CC 2015 compatible!!  Markly app is the next generation specs design/measurement plugin for Photoshop CC 2014/2015 & Sketch.  Loved by designers at Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and more companies!      How Does It Work?  After you finished your design in PS or Sketch, import your work into Markly, then add coordinate, dimensions, distance or fonts by simple clicking or dragging. Check our introduction video on youtube to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf4y2gIpcAk  Why Choose Our App?  Why would you choose us since there had been already some plugins & even free scripts out there? Well, we are different and unique. See below list:  Faster & Easier  No need to manually select & show/hide the element from the long layer list any more! In Markly window, as if you can see an element, you can add any attribute info, like font family, font size, width & height, etc. with a simple click. You may want to measure the distance between two elements? No problem! Drag a line from element A to element B, the distance will be created for you!  Automatic Update!  When you want to modify your design for any reason, no need to measure again for those modified layers. With Markly, all the specs data, fonts, colors, width & height, and even distances between two elements, will be automatically updated for you!  Global Appearance Options  Want to change the color from HEX to RGB? Want to change the label color, line style, etc? Yes, only a single click. The styles will be synced globally.  Smart Measure!  Mobile developers don't use pixel (px) as web developers, however, Markly can automatically convert the measurements based on different screen density.  Shortcut Support (Sketch version only)  The Sketch version of Markly supports a list of shortcuts to help you make the spec document faster.  If you are interested, please do check our website for more interesting details: http://marklyapp.com/  We have an interactive feature demo on our site.      At this moment, we only sell the PS version on creative market, if you need the Sketch version (v3 and up required), please make another purchase from our website. These 2 products use separate licenses.  Feel free to contact us: [email protected] ;)      Link for more information: https://creativemarket.com/marklyapp/247990-Markly-Photoshop-Specs-Plugin  



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