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Audiostrom Liveprofessor 2.2.1 macOS

LiveProfessor is a live oriented plugin host for Windows and OSX. LiveProfessor makes it easy to create a powerful, portable and flexible effect rack using VST or AU plugins. The software was developed in close collaboration with experienced audio professionals from live sound, theatre and broadcast, and is used everywhere from large venues to small clubs, bedrooms to OB-trucks and one-man-bands to theatres.

Live oriented plugin host.

Supports virtually unlimited number of VST 3.x plugins and instruments.
Choice of audio hardware is totally up to the user.

Flexible audio routing

LiveProfessor has a very flexible routing system, you can route audio anyway you like.
There is summing on each plugin input, so you can have more then one source go to the same input.
Plugin outputs can be split to any number of destinations (including other plugins) and the physical outputs can have as many sources as you want.

Snapshot automation

LiveProfessor has extensive snapshot automation. Choose between snapshots that recall individual plugins or global snapshots that recall the entire state of a project.

Both types have filters that let you choose which functions should be recalled. This allows you to recall only some settings without changing parameters you need to tweak manually during the performance.

Cue lists

The cue list helps you change LiveProfessor’s settings during a performance.
A cue list is made up of cues containing one or more Actions.
Examples of actions are recalling a snapshot, changing the audio patch, sending midi messages, changing tempo, etc. Typically you have one or more cues pr. Song and step thru the list during the show to recall the right settings for each song.

Midi Modifiers

Each plugin has a set of powerful Midi Modifiers. These are especially useful for keyboard players, with functions such as transpose, key-zone and filter.

Hardware controllers

LiveProfessor has an extensive system for using hardware controllers to control plugin parameters and program functions.
We have tried to make the system as flexible as possible, but at the same time making it quick and easy to use.
In addition each control can be tweaked to respond just the way you like.
Midi clock and MIDI show control

The cue lists can be controlled usingMIDI show control enabling you to control LiveProfessor from an external device. For example you could trigger the cue list from the snapshot list of a digital mixer or a show control systems such as Qlab.


The library lets you save and organize snapshots or other pieces of a setup and re-use them in later projects.


The window layout can be saved and recalled either manually, in a cue or as part of a snapshot.

Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later
Web Site: http://audiostrom.com/

What’s New in Audiostrom Liveprofessor 2.2.1

  • Improve support for Waves V10. After updating to Waves v10, old projects should load fine in 2.2.1 (2.2.0 will ask for missing plugins)
  • Changed the global snapshot filter so that plugins inside chains are sorted correctly.
  • Added options for how new plugins should be filtered in existing global snapshots. (Program options)
  • Crash after replacing plugins

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