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NameAKVIS SmartMask 7.0.1924
Size119.5 MB
Created on2015-06-02 12:56:49
FilesAKVIS SmartMask 7.0.1924 [k’d].dmg (119.5 MB)


  Name: AKVIS SmartMask  Version: 7.0.1924 (11865)  Mac Platform: UB  Includes: Pre-K'ed    OS version: n/a  Processor type(s) & speed: n/a  RAM minimum: 2 Gb  Video RAM: n/a    Drag the AKVIS SmartMask.app in the Applications folder. Drag AKVIS SmartMask Plugin.app into PhotoShop plug-in folder.    When you first open it select Try It and choose Deluxe or Business.  Gives you 999999 days of trial days!    Notes:  Block outgoing connections (Little Snitch, Hands Off!.. or something like that) Disable automatic update checks      http://akvis.com/en/smartmask/index.php    AKVIS SmartMask is an efficient selection tool that saves time and is fun to use. There are many occasions when you need to target a specific area of an image. It is often necessary to highlight regions to which an effect or correction should be applied. Creation of photo collages and montages requires a precise selection of objects. This can be a painful task because many objects don't have clearly defined edges and fade into the background. For instance, just try selecting yourself in a group photo. AKVIS SmartMask makes even a difficult selection incredibly simple! Now, you can spend less of your time on selection of objects and more of it on creativity.  

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