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NameOilPaint 7.0.583.16054 [ked].dmg
Size167.4 MB
Created on2018-03-11 20:44:51
FilesOilPaint 7.0.583.16054 [ked].dmg (167.4 MB)

Descriptions for AKVIS OilPaint 7.0.583.16054

Name: AKVIS OilPaint
Version: 7.0.583.16054
Developer: AKVIS LLC
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.7 or later

Includes: Pre-K’ed

Web Site: http://akvis.com/


A versatile and easy-to-use macOS application which can create realistic oil paintings from digital images using presets or custom options

AKVIS OilPaint is a streamlined and quite powerful cross-platform image processing tool that can promises to help you turn your photographs into beautiful paintings with just a couple of mouse clicks.

With only a few mouse clicks, you can apply a realistic oil painting effect and then share or export the resulting images. AKVIS OilPaint is available as both a standalone app and as a plug-in for various popular graphic apps.

Built-in collection of image effect presets

The AKVIS OilPaint application comes with a number of presets, but you can also create your own by changing the painting, text and canvas settings.

In the painting pane, you can adjust the simplicity, saturation, relief, max stroke length, stroke thickness, intensity and curvature as well as the mix.

Furthermore, the text options let you enter a custom text watermark, change its font, size, color stretch and position. As for the canvas settings, you can set the canvas scale and adjust the texture application parameters (brightness, embossing, reveal texture and distortion).

Preview pane for comparing the before and after images

Changes can be immediately previewed in a small navigator pane. What’s more, the main canvas provides “Before” and “After” tabs. To check out the resulting painting, click the Run button and access the “After” tab. The more changes you make, the more time it takes to render the image.

Some additional options include importing / exporting presets, showing / hiding key strokes, loading guiding lines, as well as basic editing tools, such as pen, eraser, smudge and crop.

Generate oil painting themed works of art out of any photo

In addition, AKVIS OilPaint also supports batch processing of entire folders and, finally, paintings can be exported to the common graphic formats JPEG, TIFF, BMP or PNG.

All in all, the AKVIS OilPaint app enables you to create quite realistic handmade oil paintings from your digital photos with ease, it comes with a large assortment of presets and it also allows you to create your own.

What’s new in AKVIS OilPaint 7.0.583.16054

February 21st, 2018

  • Added the Random Patterns feature to the Pattern frame in the Decoration tab.
  • The Texture Library has been updated. Added new pattern categories: Stars and Ornaments & Doodles.
  • Some check-boxes have been replaced with icons.
  • The enabled tools are now highlighted with color.
  • Added support for more RAW files in the standalone version.
  • Improved the brightness increasing algorithm for patterns and textures.
  • Fixed minor bugs.



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