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AKVIS ArtSuite 14.0 macOS

AKVIS ArtSuite is an impressive collection of versatile effects for decorating photos. You may need it on many occasions: when creating a postcard for your friends, making a holiday album, a personalized desktop wallpaper, or just playing with your images “for art’s sake”. AKVIS ArtSuite offers several basic effects that allow creating an endless number of effect versions.

  • Photo frames (edge effects) let you generate a photo frame for your photo.
  • Add elegance and style to your image by putting it into a classic frame with wood carving or create a funny picture by adding some cheerful frogs.
  • The frames samples that come with ArtSuite can be easily tailored to your particular photo. Select a color for the frame; choose its form, its style, brightness, and the intensity of the applied edge effect.
  • You can create a passepartout, frame with ragged edges, scratched surface, a page curl, etc. It can be a wooden frame with figured carving or a frame with an ornament. If you enjoy working with layers, you will appreciate the possibility to apply a transparent frame, so that the lower layer(s) could serve as a background.
  • Create your own unique frames! You can load any image as a sample and generate an original photo frame. The result can be astounding!
  • With ArtSuite Standalone, it’s not only possible to create frames from samples, but also to apply readytouse hand painted frames, high quality images with holes of any shape, in which to place photos. Some such frames are included in ArtSuite, and an additional free set of frames is available for download without charge.
  • Also, we offer extra themed frame packs of hand painted frames created by professional artists specifically for use in ArtSuite: Wedding Pack and Baby Pack, Christmas Pack, each season’s collection, Saint Valentine Pack, Halloween Pack, Communion & Confirmation, and others.

Artistic effects allow experimenting with photos – convert a photo into a B&W image and consequently add a color shade to it (for example, a sepia effect); replace colors on an image, add a texture (chosen from the built-in Texture Library or one created by the user) so that the image looks like drawn on a canvas, brick wall, corrugated paper, turn a photo into a halftone picture giving it a retro comic book look, etc.

The software is ease to use and to learn, and has a simple and intuitive interface. The program’s window displays Before and After images for comparison. You can switch between them with a click on the image. The Hints panel shows the description of the parameters and buttons when you hover over them with the cursor.

System Requirements:

– Mac OS X 10.7-10.11, macOS 10.12-10.13
– Intel, 4 Gb RAM, 2 Gb HDD

Web Site: http://akvis.com/en/artsuite/index.php

What’s New in AKVIS ArtSuite 14.0

  • Added the new 3D Tab to the Classic frame.
  • Added the Classic frame tab to the PassePartout frame.
  • Added the Edge Color option to the Ragged frame.
  • Added the Posterizing option to the Halftone effect.
  • Added new presets to the following categories: Classic frame, PassePartout, Ragged frame, Halftone effect.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

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