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  Name: AirParrot  Version: 2.1  Mac Platform: Intel  Includes: Pre-K'ed    OS version: 10.7.5 or later  Processor type(s) & speed: Intel  RAM minimum: 1GB    A new version of AirParrot 2 for Mac and Windows is now available. This version adds support for subtitles, local audio and displaying current artist, track and album information. AirParrot 2.1 also includes the ability to mirror just a selected portion of the screen. Find the full list of changes below:    Version 2.1.0 - Release Notes    Subtitles - AirParrot 2 now supports media files with embedded and external subtitles!  Now Playing - AirParrot 2 shows current artist, track and album information for iTunes, Spotify and Radium when mirroring audio only.  Local Audio - AirParrot 2 now allows mirroring audio to local computer speakers in addition to other devices.  AirParrot 2 now allows you to choose other audio input devices, in addition to system audio.  Mirror Selected Area - Select just a desired area of an application or a screen to mirror.  Added indicators on mouseover for display identification  Added menu bar indicator when mirroring is paused  AirParrot 2 now appears in “Open With…” menu for media files  AirParrot 2 menu now closes when selecting another menu bar item  Resolved an issue with display extension driver that could prevent certain Macs from waking on 10.10.2  Resolved an issue with display extension driver that previously warned users of drag and drop issues with certain MacBooks - all MacBooks are now safe to use with AirParrot 2  Resolved an issue where “Very High” video quality setting actually produced a very low quality video stream  Resolved an issue that prevented audio streaming to audio devices with multiple interfaces with self-assigned IP addresses  Resolved an issue where bluetooth-discovered Apple TVs could overwrite the mDNS information for the device  Resolved an issue where multiple connected monitors could cause the “To” list layout to break  Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes, stability improvements and performance updates        AirParrot  Your computer screen on your Apple TV. Wirelessly.    AirParrot adds AirPlay screen mirroring to any Windows or Mac computer. Wirelessly connect a computer to a TV and stream movies, music, photos and more to an Apple TV or computer running Reflector. AirParrot is the only Windows screen mirroring solution, and it's a great Mac AirPlay alternative. AirParrot puts you in charge of your screen.    AirPlay means no extra wires and no extra hassle.    Connect any computer to a TV without wires. AirParrot uses the built-in AirPlay feature on your Apple TV, and once AirParrot is installed, your computer works just like any other AirPlay device. AirParrot even enables screen mirroring on Windows.    Features:  1080p: Mirror your screen in 1080p HD to the Apple TV 3 and other supported devices. Mirror in 720p to the Apple TV 2.  Desktop Extension: Need a second or third display? Extend your desktop to your Apple TV for more desktop space!  Specific App Mirroring: Mirror a specific application while continuing to use other applications on your computer. Only the selected application will be mirrored.    AirPlay with ease:  1) Choose the display  2) Choose the AirPlay device to mirror to.  3) Enjoy.      Link for more information: http://www.airsquirrels.com/airparrot/  

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