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  Name: Acorn 5 - The Image Editor for Humans  Version: 5.5.2  Release Date: September 17, 2016  Language: English  Developer: Flying Meat Inc.  MAS Rating: 4+  Mac Platform: Intel  OS Version: OS X 10.10 or later  Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor      Web Site: http://flyingmeat.com/acorn/  Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/acorn-5-image-editor-for-humans/id1019272813?mt=12        Overview:  Everyone needs to edit photos at some point, but not everyone has the time to learn complicated super pricey photo editing software. This is why we created Acorn. Add text and shapes to your digital pictures. Combine images together to create a photo collage. Work with layers to touch up your favorite photos or make something entirely new from scratch. Do all this and more with Acorn!    Powerful Layer Capabilities   * Over 25 different non-destructive blending mode options.  * There is no limit to the number of layers and group layers, so you are never held back in creating complex intricate images.  * Use layer masks to block out unwanted areas of your image or to expose layers below.  * Transform, rotate, move, lock, merge, delete, and duplicate your layers quickly and easily.  * Use Acorn’s snapping to line things up perfectly. Snap to grid, guides, selections, shapes, layers, and the canvas.    Filters, Layer Styles, and Effects  * Apply endless combinations of layer styles and non-destructive filters to create unique effects.  * Save and modify your filters even after you’ve closed and re-opened your Acorn image.  * Customize your own presets and use the on-canvas controls to get things looking just right.  * Tilt shift, vignette, shadow, distortions, blurs, and over a hundred additional effects. Adding effects to your images has never been so easy.  * Use non-destructive curves and levels to adjust the individual color channels to perfect the mid-tones, shadows, highlights, and contrast in your images.    The Tools You Need  * Powerful eraser tools like instant alpha make removing photo backgrounds and other unwanted pixels from your images both fast and fun.  * Use traditional photography techniques like dodge and burn to highlight and darken your images.  * Acorn’s customizable clone, blur, and smudge brushes will have your photos looking great.  * Acorn features brushes that let you draw and sketch right on your image. Use a track pad, mouse, or even a tablet.   * Create your own brushes using Acorn's built in brush designer, or add to your brush library by importing photoshop brushes.  * Use Acorn’s multi-stop live gradients to create beautiful linear and radial gradients for vector shape and bitmap layers.  * Create custom selections, invert, feather, and even add a corner radius. Quickly select an entire color using the magic wand.  * Quickmask mode allows you to easily create and edit your selections like never before.    Vector Prowess  * Acorn’s text tool gives you control over your text in a simple interface. Everything is in the text palette from bold and italic to kerning and ligatures.  * Stars, arrows, bézier curves, circles, lines, and squares are just a handful of the vector features awaiting you.  * Use Acorn’s powerful shape processor to move, tweak, generate, and adjust shapes. Best of all, shape processors are non-destructible and stackable just like Acorn’s filters.  * Boolean shape operations include union, intersect, difference and exclude. Create complex vectors with ease.  * Convert text to bézier paths, add and subtract bézier points, and have your edges snap to pixel boundaries for precise alignment.    Professional Features  * RAW image import that allows you to import as 32, 64, or even 128 bit images.  * Create layered screenshots of every window you have open on your computer. It’s magic.  * Optimize and export your images for the web as PNG, JPEG, JPEG 2000, and GIF.  * Acorn is automatable and scriptable. Perform batch image editing using Automator, AppleScript, and JavaScript. You can even write custom plugins for Acorn.  * Use Acorn’s Smart Layer Export for easy 1x and 2x image export.  * Retina canvas support, and image metadata support.    Acorn’s website offers extensive online documentation, tutorials, a forum, and responsive support staff. You don’t have to learn by yourself. If you ever run into any issues, please let us know by writing to [email protected]        What's New in Version 5.5.2:  ***ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME,  50% OFF!***    # Acorn 5.5.2:  # Fixes  * Fixed a problem where instant alpha sometimes didn't work on layers with lots of transparency.  * Fixed a random crasher on 10.12 when using undo/redo on bitmap layers.    # Changes  * Using the flood fill tool on an empty bitmap layer is now super fast.  * The new Dither filter was accidently showing up in 10.10, when it should have been 10.11 and later.  * Accidentally improved performance when using undo or redo.    # Acorn 5.5:    # New Things  * New color picker! Hold down the option key (while in the canvas) when using the brush, pencil, gradient, or fill tools, and you'll get a fancy new loupe to select a color from anywhere on the screen (just click to pick your color). You can also scroll in and out with your scroll wheel (with shift+option down) to change how far in the loupe zooms. And finally if you'd like to get finer control when choosing your color, click and drag the mouse and let up when you've chosen your color. (You can also use the arrow keys to move it by single pixel increments). This is amazing. And if your hands are on the keyboard instead of mouse, you can use the keyboard shortcut Control-C to pick a color out.  * Two new dithering filters under Color Adjustment: "1Bit" which will turn your layer in a (seemingly) one bit, black and white image. As well as "Dither", which is a filter which lets you choose from four different types of dithers: Atkinson (old school Mac OS), Floyd Steinberg, Gaussian Blue, and Ordered Reproducible.  * Color profile, bit depth, and DPI of an image are now listed in the Metadata window.  * New "Spacing" option in the "Arrange Shapes in a Circle" shape processor. A setting of 0 will mean shapes are auto-spaced around the circle evenly. Any other value between 1-360 is the distance (as an angle) between shapes. This means that shapes can either not make it all the way around the circle, or even go around multiple times. Bonus- combine this with the Translate shape process to make shapes do a loop across your canvas.  * Layer alignment options: Select multiple layers, and use the various options under Layer ▸ Rotate and Transform ▸ Align to have edges line up or center in canvas, or so on. Hold down the option key for more menu items.  * The Layer ▸ Rotate and Transform ▸ Rotate 90° layer menu items now work on a selection.    # Changes  * Tightened up some colorspace issues when using the system color loupe from the color panel.  * The return of no working pixel processing profile (WPPP for short?) as default. As part of the color profile overhaul, Acorn 5.4 changed the default WPPP to Linear Light and in while this is awesome for doing things with brushes and most other alpha blending scenarios, it probably wasn't the right choice for general webby use and setting colors in general. It also didn't match what most other image editors did as well. So in Acorn 5.5, we're changing it back.  * Rolled back the bits from 5.4 where shape layers would draw in a linear RGB colorspace if your document was set to run pixels through a linear colorspace as well.  * New code for matching your image's color space to the display color space. It's fancy.  * Changed the minimum radius of the "Arrange Shapes in a Circle" processor to 0. You can now use this processor to stack all your shapes into a single pile.  * QOL improvements for the gradient palette: Single click to select and change the color of a color stop. Better drawing and handling of the gradient palette color handles. In addition, if a color handle has the focus of the color palette, it will now draw a little highlight on top of the handle letting you know this.    # Bug fixes  * We ran out of room for the full list. Visit the release notes on our website for everything!    If you like Acorn, we'd love it if you could take a moment and give it a nice review.  It helps Acorn get noticed, which helps everyone in the long run.  



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